A person directly involved in the conflict describes his situation…

Dear David,

I just received your message about your Great Walk from Tübingen to London. I share with you the terrible reality how the eclipse of the nation’s soul is currently manifesting itself in Great Britain. As a person directly involved (we live in England for part of the year) I am sad to see how the country is dying year after year. Not only economically (the High Streets are becoming more and more empty because stores are closing and people simply can no longer afford anything but the daily necessities), but also spiritually and culturally (there does not seem to be any empathy left, closing hospitals, old people’s homes, libraries and the like). Only the elite who hope to profit from Brexit can still afford a normal life and do this on the misery of their fellow countrymen. The core of Christianity seems to have been lost for the moment. A fifth of the British population now lives below the poverty line. Austerity may be declared over by Mrs May, the reality of everyday life tells us something else. Last week we happened to visit a small town in Essex, one of the places where the people voted to leave the EU. We were shocked to see the state of the place. Just one example of many, I am afraid. As you know as well as I do, chaos is sometimes needed to be able to rise again from the ashes. “Wer nie sein Brot mit Tränen ass”. In my thought I will accompany you and wish you all the best during your journey. Take good care of yourself so that eventually you will be able to return in good health. Thank you for acting in these times of inertia.

Regards, René

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